RapidChoice MD to Deliver Telemedicine Service

RapidChoice MD (Largo, FL) is pleased to announce a partnership with MyTelemedicine and AccessaDoctor to provide the top telemedicine service in the industry to consumers. MyTelemedicine and AccessaDoctor are both headquartered in McKinney, TX.

MyTelemedicine, a technology company in the telemedicine industry, has a proprietary system and physician network that guarantees that a consumer in need of simple healthcare can speak to a physician within 2 hours. The actual average time is estimated at 23 minutes. Consumers can use a proprietary app, available on Google Play or the App Store, to schedule a physician consultation immediately. Or, they can call and schedule the consultation from their phone. Patients can either speak to a physician on the phone or video chat with the physician on their phone, tablet or desktop.

Through this telemedicine service, consumers can avoid costly and time consuming emergency room and urgent care visits. Physicians can diagnosis the patients issue and prescribe medications as needed. Prescriptions are then communicated to the patient’s local pharmacy.

Members will pay an affordable monthly fee to have this on demand telemedicine service. Other companies in the telemedicine service industry charge a per consultation fee. This can get costly, especially for a family. RapidChoice MD will charge a small monthly fee for a family of up to 7. By doing so it will bring this much needed solution to those that need it most.

AccessaDoctor is the brand name used by MyTelemedicine to bring this solution to consumers. RapidChoice MD will now be able to deliver this solution directly to consumers, employers, and to organizations around the U.S..

Telemedicine Partner Program

RapidChoice MD will also offer the opportunity to sell the MyTelemedicine and AccessaDoctor telemedicine service through the MyTelemedicine Partner Program. Partners will have the ability to enroll new members (individuals and groups) through their Partner Portal. This program offers the highest commission in the Telemedical industry. Partners can also grow their business by developing a network of others who are selling this service.

For more information about the RapidChoiceMD telemedicine service visit RapidChoice MD Telemedicine.

For more information about selling the service visit RapidChoice MD Partner Program or MyTelemedicine Partner Program.

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