Low Cost Employee Health Benefit

What if you could provide a low cost health benefit to your employees that gave them and their family access to a doctor 24/7/365?

Perhaps You Already Provide a Health Insurance Benefit to Your Full Time Employees

You Do Not Yet Provide a Health Insurance Benefit Because You Have Less Than 50 Employees

Consider This

low cost employee health benefit

So What Does All This Mean to You as an Employer?

Employees would be more productive and take less time away from work if they had better access to healthcare

call a doctor tampa

Low Cost Employee Health Benefit

Provide your employees with access to a Doctor 24/7/365 for their entire family (up to 8) for $10/month per employee. Discounts for companies over 200 employees.

Employees can speak to or video conference with a Doctor within 2 hours (average time is 23 minutes)

Our board certified and U.S. licensed physicians diagnose and prescribe medications on the spot

Your employee can pick up their prescription at a local pharmacy

They don't even need to leave their home or office

Perfect for your employees that travel for work

RapidChoice MD-online-doctor

"After scheduling my first telemedicine appointment I was hooked. It was so easy and convenient and I did it all from the comfort of my office. No drive, no traffic, no parking, no drama! I would strongly recommend this to anyone with a job, family and busy life."

Low Cost Employee Health Benefit

Electronic HIPAA Health Records

Specialists Available

Mental Health Counseling

Prescription Discount Program

Patient Advocacy

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