Ask a Doctor Online

What if you had a phone app that will help you schedule a call or video chat with a doctor in about 20 minutes? You may not yet be familiar with telemedicine. Just know that it’s here. You can ask a doctor online questions about your or your family’s health. You can also get a diagnosis and a prescription for some of the most common ailments that keep people out of work and school.
RapidChoice MD Phone App
Major health insurance companies are adding it to coverage in a big way. Telemedicine is a solution to the high cost of providing care. It also cuts down on the patients wait time for medical care. Therefore it gets people back to work and back to school faster and for less money.

Ask a Doctor Online

Think about it. When you’re not near your doctor what do you do? Or, it’s Saturday at 3am and your child wakes up with congestion and a cough. What do you do then? You either wait it out or you go to Urgent Care. The average urgent care visit is $150.00. And, you have to wait when you get there typically.

ask a doctor online

“I was out of state at a friend’s wedding as her Maid of Honor. I woke up the morning before the wedding with a red, soar, swollen throat! Luckily I was able to ask a doctor online and get a diagnosis and prescription using my AccessaDoctor App within 2 hours. I got my prescription at a local pharmacy. All it cost me was the price of the medication. I felt much better by the time of the wedding!”

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